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Get on top of an incident instantly with our new mobile app designed to let you track your fleet, journey routes and speeds, while monitoring video footage from any part of the journey

The mobile app replicates all the features and benefits of our award-winning software platform, using cutting-edge technologies that track vehicles in real time with live video and analytics.

The app displays comprehensive information and video in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, such as vehicle and driver details, vehicle events, maps and videos. It captures information from various sources and is compatible with any device capable of transmitting datasets – whether from existing telematics systems or in-vehicle cameras. Audible alerts can be sent to notify drivers that their actions are being recorded, which has a positive effect on their behaviour on the road.

Improving on traditional (black box) telematics, the video telematics-based app lets you view the cause and context of an alert, such as the reason for a driver suddenly braking.

Our award-winning software

The software behind our mobile app allows you to configure alarms and email alerts to respond to events such as high speeds or G-forces. You can share live location information or journey history with colleagues and by selecting journey playback, you can see a specific route taken and understand the context of any incidents.

Track your fleet, journey route and speed with live video footage - all from your smartphone

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