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Service Sector

Situational intelligence means optimum response

VisionTrack telematics empowers service sector customers with real-time reporting that improves productivity.

Our platform provides information that allows optimum decision-making as challenges occur in environments that may be mission-critical. Mobile staff can be deployed rapidly according to location or skillset based on the data we provide. We have a track record of meeting industry- requirements on lone worker safety by ensuring situational intelligence.

Using VisionTrack’s video telematics will help you manage, locate and protect staff in the event of a breach of procedure or a panic alarm being activated. Customers can dispatch more staff to help a colleague and give them information on threats both actual and potential. In a climate of big data, VisionTrack processes and distributes the vital information that allows you to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and maximise operational efficiencies.

We supply the latest in high-definition CLOCS & FORS-compliant and insurance approved multi-camera and safety solutions suitable for all types of commercial vehicles. They enable drivers of HGVs and LGVs to see blind spots using rear, side and forward-facing cameras, which are permanently recorded.



Product Overview

  • Forward-Facing Cameras

    Our wide-angled HD cameras provide evidence of other people’s driving and can help combat fraud. With night-vision, they give you peace-of-mind and clear images of the road ahead.

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  • Rear-View Cameras

    VisionTrack offer an extensive range of reversing and rear-view cameras. Constantly recording, they also double up as reversing cameras and are perfect for monitoring blind spots.

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  • Side-View Cameras

    Fitted together with front- and rear-facing cameras, side-view cameras give all-round protection, and can help your drivers see through otherwise blind spots.

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  • In-vehicle Monitors

    Our HD touchscreens give your drivers an overview of the camera feeds, allowing them to view a scene from a particular camera, for example when reversing or changing lane.

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  • Mobile DVRs

    Specially designed for commercial vehicles, these powerful and ruggedised anti-vibration digital video recorders are at the heart of a vehicle CCTV system, managing and recording footage from all cameras.

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  • Ultra Sound Sensors

    These strategically placed sensors and audible alarms are designed to aid safe parking and reversing manoeuvres, warning drivers of any obstacles in their path and are ideal for cyclist protection.

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“We have been able to switch from using separate telematics and camera systems to just one. VisionTrack provides an all-encompassing solution, making it easier for us to monitor driving behaviour through one platform.”