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VisionTrack offers a range of commercially attractive options for our telematics partners.

  • Simple API Data/Video feed in to third-party software applications
  • White-labelled software application – VisionTrack’s powerful video telematics platform with your brand
  • Hosted integrated solution – Microsoft Azure hosted video content and telematics data integrated into your existing platform via API

Generate additional revenue streams from your existing customer base by offering Europe’s next generation camera telematics solution.

The VisionTrack team provides consultative, industry-leading expertise and support. Our fully cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT platform ensures optimal product performance by utilising the following technologies:

  • Latest high-definition telematics cameras (IoT available up to 24 cameras)
  • Dynamic NoSQL design – can be used with any camera or device
  • Advanced data compression for inbound and outbound data in your network.
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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