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Improve driver safety with VisionTrack's video telematics platform – designed for the future of connected vehicle technology

VisionTrack’s award-winning and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform has been built using the latest cutting-edge technologies that can track a vehicle in real-time with live video and analytics.

The VisionTrack cloud platform captures, processes and stores high-definition video footage enhanced with telematics data. It is completely hardware agnostic and is compatible with any device capable of transmitting data - whether existing telematics systems or in-vehicle cameras. The data received is analysed using complex algorithms to present meaningful management information which is displayed in a series of user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports. Audible alerts can be sent to the devices notifying drivers that their actions are being recorded, which has a positive effect on their behaviour on the road.

Compare traditional black box telematics and video telematics

Using video telematics clearly illustrates the cause of what triggered the sudden braking alert, in this instance, a pedestrian runs out from behind a parked bus, causing the driver to brake hard. Users of a traditional telematics system would only be made aware of harsh braking and not what caused it.


The technologies we use

Latest high-definition telematics camera (IoT, available up to 24 channels)
Dynamic NoSQL design – can be used with any camera or device
Advanced data compression for inbound and outbound data in your network
Scalable cloud infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our award-winning software

Customise your own dashboard reports to help manage your fleet and assess driver training needs

The dashboard provides a convenient overview which can be tailored to your specific priorities and requirements, displaying information most relevant to you. Users are able to configure alarms and email alerts to respond to events such as speeding and G-force. You can share information on live locations and journey history with colleagues and by selecting journey playback, you can see a specific route taken and understand the context of any incident with icons displaying speeding/idle events and video recorded.

Key benefits

Tracks all driver data and vehicle event footage in real-time
Results in fewer incidents and improves driver behaviour
Dramatically reduces the rate of insurance claim disputes, in some cases to less than 1%
Provides fleet managers and FNOL (First Notification of Loss) teams with an alert
Fault claims settlements can be concluded within 24 hours

Award-winning Technology