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Van Driver On Mobile Causes Crash When Driving On Motorway Roundabout

A white van driver is captured on video on a mobile phone call when he crashed into a lorry on a motorway slip road Video footage from a lorry in the next lane clearly...

Elddis Transport Have Turned to VisionTrack In-Vehicle Cameras

Award winning haulage company Elddis Transport have signed up to use VisionTrack HD in-vehicle cameras in all their HGV fleet with live 24/7 feeds direct to their management.

Saints Transport Install VisionTrack HD Cameras Across Their Fleet

Saints Transport HR Director Jennie Carroll explains why Saints Transport have installed VisionTrack HD in-vehicle cameras across all their fleet.

VisionTrack In-Vehicle Camera Reveals Cyclist Hit In "Dooring" Incident

VisionTrack VT2000 In-Vehicle Camera captures on video the shocking moment a cyclist is hit by a van door. The cyclists is flung into the street...

VisionTrack Protects Against Careless Drivers

VisionTrack camera saves a motorist from a potential insurance claim from a careless motorist who ignores "give way" road markings. The damage would have cost a few hundred pounds at least but he could prove he wasn't at fault. Footage taken on VT2000

VisionTrack CV Show 2017 Protect Your Drivers Showreel

A compilation of VisionTrack's customer videos of incidents that they were able to be exonerated for due to high-resolution video evidence. In each case the client said without this footage they could have been facing a substantial insurance claim.

VisionTrack Camera Saves Van Driver £16K Bill From Red Light Jumper

VisionTrack video footage shows how a fleet van driver avoided £16,000 insurance nightmare after a motorist jumped a red light. A fleet van driver avoided a £16,000 insurance nightmare after his VisionTrack dashcam video proved he was the innocent victim of a motorist jumping a red light.

Water Bottle Road Rage Incident

A driver was subjected to a violent road rage incident where a passenger in another car deliberately threw a water bottle at his car windscreen when he drove past. The force of the impact cracked the windscreen and left the driver badly shaken up. The footage was captured on the driver's VT2000 and was handed to the police after the incident.

1080p full HD video footage from VisionTrack’s VTGo+ Dash Cam

VisionTrack video footage shows how a fleet van driver avoided £16,000 insurance nightmare after a motorist jumped a red light.

VisionTrack - Horrific High Speed Head-On Crash

Dramatic dashcam video shows fleet taxi driver's miraculous escape after teen driver smashes into Astra after 75mph police chase. Collision was captured on taxi's VisionTrack VT2000 camera and footage was shown in court.

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