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18% reduction in claims costs
24% reduction in incidents

The service, offered by VisionTrack, the multi-award winning video telematics provider, uses the VT2000 connected forward-facing camera at the heart of the system, enabling fleets to manage the insurance claims process more efficiently while maintaining a high-level of duty of care to its drivers.

This monitoring service is designed to significantly reduce claim reporting times. For many organisations, reviewing and responding to multiple alerts can be both time-consuming and costly. Having a dedicated service that handles this process in a responsible and efficient manner can help decrease the overall cost of the claim.

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Key benefits

Significant falls in liability dispute rates
Instant access to HD 1080P video, providing
evidence of what really happened
Benefit from a powerful telematics platform
Swifter resolution of claims
Can help decrease the overall cost of
the claim.
Monitor driver behaviour and vehicle
event footage in near real-time

How It works

The camera starts by triggering an event through the cloud-based platform. That event is then monitored by our UK-based call centre operators, who will review the linked footage and vehicle data.

Each incident will then be either dismissed as a false alert or, if the event is genuine, the footage is emailed direct to the insurer or an agreed list of recipients. Fleets managing their own claims will also receive the footage and will be able to contact the driver, notify the emergency services, if required, and start the claims process.

  • VT2000 triggers an alert as a result of an incident on the road

  • Alert is managed through the VisionTrack cloud-based platform

  • Event footage and data are monitored & reviewed by UK based call centre staff

  • Decision is made either to dismiss the incident or send to insurer

  • Footage emailed to insurer or dedicated claims team

Telematics Platform

The client will have full access to VisionTrack’s multi-award winning video telematics platform, giving them a detailed overview of each incident together with a full report and breakdown of all drivers by alert grading, location and time of day. This helps identify driver training needs while maintaining high levels of corporate responsibility.